Investment Opportunity in Healthcare Industry

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Construction Of Hospitals In Private Sector

In Pakistan overseas doctors community have considerably invested in the development & construction of Hospitals in certain major cities of Pakistan. However unfortunately the local developers have made these projects so huge and ambitious due to the ample funds put at their disposal that the hospitals are practically out of reach and spending capabilities of the general public and consequently the projects would need decades to come into positive figures and to earn for the investors.

Due to indirect involvement of leading Multi-Nationals like Siemens, Philips, GE and Toshiba the major amounts say around 60-70% was spent on diagnostic systems while for the surgical procedures and support services limited funds were left and therefore surgical equipment, Sterilizes / autoclaves and Laundry etc were procured from low quality manufacturers as a compromise.

We hold a team of most competent personnel having life long experience in the hospitals planning, construction and commissioning. It is fully understood that the minimum time period in the development of project concept, planning, construction and commissioning would convey timely benefits to the investors otherwise the long term investments become discouraging and the latest equipment also becomes stale-mate.

We have plans to develop 25 to 50 beded Gynae and obs hospitals with optimum paediatric care which are very much in need due to higher population growth and of limited investments because diagnosis are mostly through ultrasounds and path labs while good surgical procedures are requiring inexpensive equipment without any compromise on quality, hygiene and post care. Investment of course depends on the facalities to be provided. Paediatric surgery facility is of course expensive while post care with quality incubators and paeds ventilators would be worth having specialized facilities.

We can also plan small specialized hospitals on cardiac, cancer therapy and orthopedics with physiotherapy and rehabilitation centers to cater for the pain therapy with ozone procedures, Prime surgical facilities for orthopedics is lacking in Pakistan with high sophisticated modular operation theatres having ultimate hygiene specifically for the prosthetic and joint replacement procedures.

In our proposed projects for the high end diagnosis i.e MRI & CT the patients can be refered to other diagnostic centers which will make the project very competitive not only on equipment but also on the staff and specialists.

We would be pleased to provide detailed projects concepts on your valued requisition.

Please fill out the form below or send us a email directly at, you can also call us directly at +92 333 8555545

Please fill out the form below or send us a email directly at


you can also call us directly at
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